MBCOM Technologies (a Midis Group Company) Expands Role as Representative

of Broadcom Software Solutions

On May 1, 2021, Midis Group, through the subsidiary MB Com. Ltd, (hereafter referred to as MBCOM Technologies), agreed to new contract arrangements with CA Europe Sarl (“CA”), a Broadcom Company, unifying existing local Midis teams for the representation of CA Enterprise and Symantec Cybersecurity solutions (“Broadcom Software”).

The new structure expands MBCOM Technologies’ role as the representative of CA for the Broadcom Software portfolio. The new agreement builds on existing strong and successful local partnerships; a ten-year plus relationship with CA, and engagement with Symantec that reaches back eight years.

Given the scale of the business, MBCOM Technologies will be operated by two experienced entities – one in Eastern Europe/CIS and one in the Middle East/Turkey/Africa (META). Ensuring operational continuity, Nehme Mouchantaf (former Symantec VP) is now responsible for both region.

Geographically, MBCOM Technologies will be the exclusive representative for CA and Symantec software solutions across 90 plus countries in five substantial territories – the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Eastern Europe and CIS. As of May 1, 2021, MBCOM Technologies has assumed full sales and operations responsibilities across these regions through a network of distributors and resellers already in place.

The agreement to unify MBCOM Technologies’ CA and Symantec teams under the MBCOM Technologies brand has a number of other goals, too. Chief among these is the intention to boost agility and local decision making, alongside greater responsiveness to channel and end customer opportunities

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MBCOM Technologies is a subsidiary of Midis Group and is the sole representative of Broadcom

Software in in Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Eastern Europe and CIS

MBCOM Technologies Headquaters 

Middle East

Office No. 101, 1st Floor, Block E, Office Park Building

Dubai Internet City, P O Box 62632,

Dubai-United Arab Emirates